NEW Action Needed: Protect the District's Cats and TNR Program

Update and Good News!

ActionItem_2016_DC_Protect TNR.jpgYour help made the difference!

Thanks to DC Councilmember Mary Cheh who showed tremendous leadership today. She has agreed to remove cats from the scope of this bill! This is great news for the District’s cats, residents, and wildlife alike!

Thank you for being a voice for cats and for your ongoing support of Alley Cat Allies!

Original Message

The DC City Council is dangerously close to passing a bill that fails to protect cats, fails to protect wildlife, and will cost a lot of money. We need your help stopping them.

Overall, the bill has some good parts to it, but the section dealing with cats is a disaster. Cats could be rounded up and removed from large areas of the District. The bill fails to offer anywhere near the level of protection that free-roaming cats, their caretakers, and the District’s Trap-Neuter-Return program deserves.

Tell the DC City Council that you stand with Alley Cat Allies in opposing this bill