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Oppose a Bill that Perpetuates Misinformation About Cats

This action is ONLY for residents of Vermont.

Oppose HB 372This bill, which purports to support an education campaign about impacts on birds, in fact ignores what scientists document as the largest impacts on bird and wildlife population decline: deforestation, climate change and habitat destruction.

H.B. 372 is a waste of taxpayer donations that unnecessarily and inappropriately singles out cats. To the extent there is a funding need, it is for more spay/neuter for cats, the species which tragically is the most frequently euthanized in our country’s pounds and shelters.

This message will be sent to your Vermont State Representatives.


  • Representative Stephen 'Steve' C. Beyor
  • Representative Kathryn 'Kate' L. Webb
  • Representative Thomas 'Tom' P. Terenzini
  • Representative Constance 'Connie' N. Quimby
  • Representative David L. Deen
  • Representative James 'Jim' M. McCullough
  • Representative Willem W. Jewett
  • Representative Robert 'Bob' C. Krebs


Please oppose H.B. 372!

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As a Vermont resident, I urge you to oppose H.B. 372.

I urge you to oppose H.B. 372 as wasteful and misguided.

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