Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act

The Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act (S. 445) would amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act to have more timely access to home health services for Medicare beneficiaries under the Medicare program. A quirk in Medicare law has kept APRNs from signing home health plans of care and from certifying Medicare patients for the home health benefit. This bill would address these problems by specifically allowing nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to certify home health services.

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I am writing to urge you to support Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act (S. 445/H.R. 1825). This legislation would allow advanced practice registered nurses - nurse practitioners (NPs), clinical nurse specialists (CNSs)and certified nurse midwives (CNMs) to certify eligibility to Medicare beneficiaries and make changes to home health plans of treatment. APRNs can prescribe medications and practice independent of physicians, yet they are prohibited from certifying home health services to Medicare beneficiaries. In rural and underserved areas, where access to physicians is limited, this outdated prohibition has led to delays in health care delivery. These delays in care not only inconvenience patients and their families, but also result in increased cost to the Medicare system when patients are unnecessarily left in more expensive institutional settings. I urge you to support APRNs and their home health patients by supporting the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act (S. 445/H.R. 1825).

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