Why Fundraise with Pies

Why sell pies | Pie in the Sky | Project Angel HeartMaking a difference for Project Angel Heart clients is as easy as...well...PIE!

Sign up to be a fundraiser and be a hero for someone in need. We'll provide you with a personalized online pie page for collecting pie orders and plenty of tips and tools you can use to spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers. Consider putting together a pie-fundraising team at your office, church, or school. Taking pie orders is a simple, fun way to support people in need, because each pie provides more than three life-saving, medically tailored meals for a Project Angel Heart client.

Why I Fundraise with Pies... 

I love pie! I love making pies, I love eating pies, but most of all I love selling pies! Why, because you can't deny the positive impact that tailored, nutritional meals produced by Project Angel Heart have on those that need them. As you savor that very first bite of that delicious pie, know too that you have provided a well needed and prepared meal to someone at the same time! -- Gary Kayser, first-time pie seller in 2018

As a meal delivery driver for Project Angel Heart, I get an up-close view of the impact that PAH meals have on clients and their families. It's such a vital service to clients in need, and selling pies is such an easy way to support this important mission. -- Kristi Arellano, pie seller and team captain since 2013

My husband, Dave, has been courageously fighting stage 4 bladder cancer for over 9 years. During this time we have been truly fortunate to have loving friends and family not only in Mobile (where he was first diagnosed, Houston (when we were at MD Anderson) and now in Denver. These friends and family have brought us meals after chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, etc. Along the way we have met people who did not have someone to help out. Good healthy food from kind compassionate people truly touches the heart and soul and helps the healing process. Helping to sell pies so that more individuals with cancer, AIDS, and other serious illnesses is one of the few ways we can reach out and pay it forward. Project Angel Heart is an amazing organization feeding so many people not just at Thanksgiving, but ALL year long. -- Peggy Glascoff, first-time pie seller in 2018


Let's get started! 

Pie in the Sky:MILESTONE:1030Sign up!

Register or log in and update your personal pie page. You can personalize your page by setting a goal, sharing a personal story, and adding your photo. You can also track your sales and access resources to help you sell pies.

Pie in the Sky:MILESTONE:1031 Start selling pies

Use the tools in your online Pie Headquarters to spread the word and sell pies! You'll find customizable emails, social media posts, fliers, and other materials to help get people to your personal pie page.

Pie in the Sky pies are available in two delicious flavors, apple and pecan. Friends who are out of the area or who don't like pie (WHAT?!?) may choose to make a donation to support Project Angel Heart clients. 

PAH_Pie_Badges_3 Ordering pies

The easiest way for people to order pies is online at your personal pie page (online sales end November 18 or when pies are sold out). You may also download and use paper order forms, which must be submitted to Project Angel Heart by November 12, or have your pie purchasers place their order by phone at 303.407.9420.

PAH_Pie_Badges_4 Picking up pies

Pie purchasers select one our pickup locations (located throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs) when placing their order, then pick up pies on Tuesday, November 23.

PAH_Pie_Badges_5 Pie perks!

Our pie sellers don't sell pies to earn prizes, but we still like to say "thanks!" by providing fun pie perks for reaching pie-selling milestones!

  • Sell 2 pies: free pizza gift card from Anthony's Pizza & Pasta
  • Sell 10 pies: free pizza plus official Pie in the Sky t-shirt
  • Sell 20 pies: free pizza and t-shirt, plus Pie in the Sky mug
  • Sell 40+ pies: free pizza, t-shirt, and mug, plus one other fun prize (details coming soon!)