Food is Medicine

robertAccess to a nutritious meal shouldn't be a worry for people with cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney or heart disease, and other serious illnesses. But many who are ill find themselves with little to eat. Some are unable to cook. Others find they must choose between food and medicine to make ends meet. And going without the healthy food their bodies need can mean spending more time in the hospital, spending more money on health care, and facing worse health outcomes.

That's why, with help from thousands of community members, Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers delicious, medically tailored meals--free of charge--to Coloradans coping with sever illness. Our meals are designed to improve their quality of life and the effectiveness of their medical treatments. 


Fast Facts

  • Each week, we prepare and deliver nutritious meals for more than 1,800 Coloradans living from Boulder and Weld Counties to Metro Denver to Colorado Springs and Pueblo! Every week! We will deliver over 700,000 meals before the end of 2023.
  • Our clients are all facing severeillnesses including breast and ovarian cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's disease, and many other conditions. 
  • Like our cookie dough, Project Angel Heart's medically tailored meals are made from scratch using high quality ingredients. Our registered dietitian reviews menus to ensure they complement each individual's medical treatment plan, and our chef's modify meals up to 200 different ways to suit  clients' specific needs. 
  • Volunteers drive 82,000+ miles each year, in their own vehicles, to deliver meals to clients' front doors. 

Impact of Medically Tailored Meals

  • 74 percent of Project Angel Heart clients report an improved quality of life
  • 80 percent report better healthy eating habits 
  • 72 percent are better able to afford their basic needs 
  • 64 percent can remain independent in their homes


About Project Angel Heart


Project Angel Heart prepares and delivers nutritious, individually modified meals to more than 900 people each week with the support of donors and volunteers. Clients receive up to the equivalent of three nutritious meals per day.


We'll deliver made-from-scratch meals to nearly 2,350 men, women and children in Denver and Colorado Springs this year. The most common diseases reported by our clients include cancer, kidney failure, HIV/AIDS, lung disease and diabetes.


Proper nutrition is vitally important for those battling illness. For example, 20 to 40 percent of cancer deaths are directly attributed to malnutrition and wasting. For our clients, food is medicine.

To learn more, visit the Project Angel Heart website or call 303-830-0202.