Tell Congress to pass common-sense measures to reduce gun violence

In the wake of the recent horrific and deadly mass shootings in Texas and Las Vegas, APHA continues to urge Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce gun violence. It is critical that public health advocates keep up the pressure on both the Senate and the House to act to address this public health epidemic without further delay.

Gun violence is one of the leading causes of preventable death in our country, resulting in more than 33,000 deaths each year, and we must take a comprehensive public health approach to addressing this ongoing crisis. For too long we as a nation have failed to take on this devastating problem in our communities and we cannot afford to wait any longer.

Tell your senators and representative to support common-sense measures to reduce gun violence in the United States!

Please personalize the message below to share information about how gun violence has impacted your community or why you support immediate action to stop gun violence as a constituent and public health professional.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent and American Public Health Association advocate, I write to urge you to take immediate action to address gun violence in the United States. At least 58 lives were claimed and more than 500 people were injured in the Las Vegas shooting and 26 more innocent people, including children, were killed and 20 more injured in early November in a horrific shooting in a small Texas church. We cannot allow senseless gun violence to continue.

Thank you for your attention to my concerns and comments. I urge Congress to act now to prevent more of these senseless killings and I look forward to hearing your position on this critical public health issue.

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