Climate change is a public health issue!

Climate change is a serious public health issue and bold action is needed to clean up major sources of carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases, including power plants, cars, trucks and other mobile sources. Unfortunately, President Trump, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and some in Congress continue to work to block or weaken efforts such as the Clean Power Plan which would reduce carbon pollution and other dangerous pollution from power plants and prevent an estimated 90,000 asthma attacks and 3,600 premature deaths each year once fully implemented.  

Take the time to tell your members of Congress to oppose efforts to block programs and activities to protect public health from the impacts of climate change and to support ongoing efforts that help state and local health departments prepare for and respond to health threats caused by climate change.


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Protect public health by supporting reductions in carbon pollution

Dear [Decision Maker],

As public a health advocate, I am writing to support the Clean Power Plan and other efforts to reduce carbon pollution. Reducing carbon emissions from power plants -- the nation's single largest source of carbon pollution -- will help clean up these plants and limit the pollution that contributes to climate change.

Please stand up for public health and oppose any efforts in Congress to block important programs to reduce carbon pollution and other dangerous pollution and support continued funding for our states and communities to help them prepare for and respond to the health threats associated with climate change.

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