Support the Prevention and Public Health Fund!

The Prevention and Public Health Fund, funding that provides critical resources to our state and local health departments to keep our communities healthy and safe from infectious disease, lead poisoning, tobacco-related diseases and much more, continues to be at risk.

Send a message to your members of Congress asking them to support the Prevention and Public Health Fund and oppose any attempt to repeal or use the fund for unintended purposes.


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Support and protect the Prevention and Public Health Fund!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent and public health advocate, I write to urge your strong support for the Prevention and Public Health Fund. I ask that you maintain the funding made possible by the prevention fund so that we can work to effectively and efficiently reverse many of the 21st century epidemics.

I strongly urge you to support the important work of the Prevention and Public Health Fund and to oppose any attempts to repeal this important source of funding or to divert it for unintended uses. The health of the American public depends on your support for strong public health and prevention programs.

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