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In June 2012, with Chancellor Zimpher's full support, the SUNY Trustees voted in favor of the state passing legislation that would prohibit all tobacco use on its campuses and would make SUNY the largest network of colleges in the US to implement a tobacco free policy. Their rationale was clear and spoke of the responsibility of SUNY to promote health and address the major public health problem of tobacco use. Bill S4853B/A7277B, if passed, would require all state-run SUNY campuses to have a tobacco free campus policy by September, 2016.

The SUNY Trustees are ultimately entrusted to oversee nearly all matters pertaining to the operation and administration of all state-operated SUNY campuses. Surely the Legislature should grant the request of the SUNY Trustees and the Chancellor to pass legislation that they believe would strengthen and protect the institution for which they are responsible. As your constituent, I urge you to support S4853B/A7277B and to ask leadership to bring the bill up for a vote.

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