Tell Congress to adequately fund federal public health programs

President Donald Trump recently released his fiscal year 2018 budget request which proposes devastating cuts to nondefense discretionary programs. The budget calls for cutting $1.2 billion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a $674.5 million cut to the Health Resources and Services Administration's discretionary budget authority and a 31 percent reduction in the budget for the Environmental Protection Agency. The spending decisions that Congress makes for FY 2018 will determine whether public health agencies including CDC, HRSA and EPA have the resources they need to protect and improve public health.

Tell your members of Congress to reject the president's budget proposal and instead to prioritize public health in their upcoming FY 2018 spending decisions.


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Support strong funding for public health programs

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent and American Public Health Association advocate, I am deeply concerned with the extreme funding cuts outlined in President Trump's fiscal year 2018 budget request. The request would slash funding for health, food assistance, environmental protection and other important nondefense discretionary programs to pay for a boost in defense spending. Public health agencies and programs will face multiple pressures that will require your attention and support, including a full return of sequestration in FY 2018, which will shrink available funding for nondefense discretionary programs by $3 billion.

I urge you to work with your colleagues to oppose the devastating cuts proposed in the President's FY 2018 budget and pass a balanced deficit reduction plan that fully eliminates sequestration. I also urge you to reject the inclusion of any controversial policy riders that would threaten public health. I look forward to hearing your position on this important issue.

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