Speak for health: Fund public health in 2019!

As Congress begins its work on the FY 2019 appropriations process, Speak for Health and tell your members of Congress to reject the proposed cuts to important public health programs in the president's budget proposal and instead to prioritize public health by building upon the important increased investments in public health provided by Congress in FY 2018.


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Support strong funding for public health programs

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a constituent and American Public Health Association advocate, I speak for health in urging you to provide adequate funding for critical public health agencies and programs in FY 2019. I also urge you to reject the inclusion of any controversial policy riders that would threaten public health.

In order to adequately fund these important agencies and programs, I urge you to speak for health and work with your colleagues to prioritize additional funding for public health in the FY 2019 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. I look forward to hearing your position on this important issue.

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