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Montana Public Health Association

Thank you for voting to accept the federal WIC infrastructure grant


  • Representative Kathleen Williams
  • Representative Steve D. Gibson
  • Representative Kathy Swanson
  • Representative Christy Clark
  • Representative Mike Cuffe
  • Representative Jean L. Price
  • Representative Bryce Bennett
  • Representative Galen Hollenbaugh
  • Representative Ellie Boldman Hill
  • Representative Carolyn M. Squires
  • Representative Edward 'Ed' Greef
  • Representative Jesse A. O'Hara
  • Representative Jerry O'Neil
  • Representative Pat Noonan
  • Representative Edie L. McClafferty
  • Representative Chuck Hunter
  • Representative Mary McNally
  • Representative Carolyn Pease-Lopez
  • Representative Duane Ankney
  • Representative Robert 'Bob' Mehlhoff
  • Representative Bill McChesney
  • Representative Margie MacDonald
  • Representative Carlie Boland
  • Representative Virginia Court


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for voting to accept the federal grant for WIC infrastructure.

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