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Fundraising Tips & Tools

Traditional or wacky?

From the classic bake sale to a formal gale or a lively Zumbathon, when it comes to community fundraising the opportunities are endless. Take on an exhilarating challenge in support of people affected by dementia such as a trek or a swim or, keep it local with a garage sale or workplace fancy dress day. This is your chance to get creative!

Ask, ask, ask!

Why do some people not donate? Because they’re never asked! Invite a variety of people to donate to your fundraiser, including people who share interests or passions related to the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

Invite past donors

Is your fundraiser an annual event? Many donors give to the same charity year after year, so don’t be afraid to remind your supporters that you’re fundraising again. Remind them of their impact and inspire them with an even bigger fundraising goal for this year!

Keep the momentum going

The earlier you start fundraising, the better. Always follow up with every person you’ve asked and keep people engaged with updates and photos from your fundraising journey. Don't forget to thank everyone who has helped you along the way: donors, vendors, volunteers - it all helps!

Make it personal

If you’ve got a story, special memory or know an inspiring person, share it! Your personal connection with dementia will create a meaningful and lasting impression and motivate people to support your fantastic fundraising.


Check out our helpful info sheets, posters templates and forms below. Register your event with us today and access additional tips and tools in your participant centre.

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