Melanie Goldring
Director of Programs

Melanie grew up in Los Angeles, California and recently graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis where she studied Psychology, Spanish, and Children Studies. Melanie is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work at the Brown School of Social Work at Wash U where she is focusing on education policy and working with children, youth, and families. In 2012 Melanie joined AYUDA as a volunteer in Ecuador and served as a Volunteer Mentor in the Dominican Republic for the Campo Amigo program the following four summers. Melanie worked as a Program Leader during the summer of 2016 for both the Campo Amigo and En El Camino programs. Melanie subsequently joined AYUDA as a staff member in the fall of 2016. She is excited to continue to be a part of the great work AYUDA does.

Arianna Tuomey
Director of Operations

Arianna grew up in Tucson, Arizona and recently graduated from the University of California San Diego where she studied Human Biology and Theatre, and plans to attend medical school in the future. As an undergraduate at UCSD, Arianna founded the university's first chapter of the College Diabetes Network and served as president for three years. In 2016, Arianna joined AYUDA as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic and served as a Volunteer Mentor-in-training the following summer for the Campo Amigo program. She is excited to continue working with AYUDA as a staff member to maintain AYUDA's mission to empower youth to be agents of change and help diabetes communities around the world.


2018 Volunteer Mentors & Mentors-in-Training

Hannah Cheney
(Program Leader, Campo Amgio Dominicano)

Francesca Davis

(Volunteer Mentor, Campo Amigo Dominicano)

Nikhita Gopisetty
(Volunteer Mentor, En El Camino)

Katie Bieber
(Volunteer Mentor-in-training, Campo Amigo Dominicano)

Isabella Hartley

(Volunteer Mentor-in-training, Campo Amigo Dominicano)

Cassidy O'Neill
(Volunteer Mentor-in-training, Campo Amigo Dominicano)

Lauren Port

 (Volunteer Mentor-in-training, Campo Amigo Dominicano)

Melanie Wolter
(Volunteer Mentor-in-training, Campo Amigo Dominicano)