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Don't Make Sunscreen Users Choose between Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer Risk!

Sunscreen without EDC'sWhen you use sunscreen to protect yourself from skin cancer, you may in fact be increasing your breast cancer risk. There is broad agreement that exposure over time to natural and synthetic estrogens in the body increases the risk for breast cancer.

Research has found that many sunscreens, as well as many cosmetics, contain chemicals that are estrogenic, disrupt the endocrine system and can play a significant role in breast cancer development. For example, Octyl-methoxycinnamate, which is estrogenic and has thyroid hormone disrupting effects, is found in over 800 sunscreens and homosalate, a hormone disrupting UVB blocker, is an ingredient in over 400 sunscreens. Although using chemicals like these as ingredients in sunscreen poses a substantial health risk to consumers, sunscreen products are grossly under-regulated.

What Now?

Tell Congress they must take action and push for tighter regulation of dangerous carcinogenic and estrogenic chemicals found in sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun’s rays shouldn’t mean putting yourself at risk for breast cancer.

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