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Help Support Safe Electronics (E-Waste) Disposal

Support Safe E-Waste DisposalThe EPA estimates that over 2 billion computers, televisions, wireless devices, printers, gaming systems, and other devices have been sold since 1980, generating 2 million tons of unwanted electronic devices in 2005 alone. According to the EPA, only 15 to 20 percent of electronic devices discarded from households reach recyclers.  Many discarded electronic devices, if not properly handled, can expose workers to harmful chemicals and pollute the environment.

What Now?

Tell your legislators that we need policies that would focus on reducing the environmental impact and the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) generated by the U.S. Allowing the EPA to award grants for e-waste reduction research, development and a demonstration project would allow us to understand best practices for reducing e-waste.  

Use the form below to ask your elected officals to support electronic device recycling research, development, and demonstration projects. 


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