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Help Get Synthetic Hormones Out of Meat!

Get Synthetic Hormones out of MeatSince a woman’s lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is directly related to her exposure to estrogen and estrogen-like compounds, scientists have become increasingly concerned about the use of estrogen-based synthetic hormones, including Zeranol and other hormone mimickers in beef.  Zeranol is of special concern since it is specifically designed to mimic the hormone estradiol, which is banned for use in meat production.

Research has shown that meat serum from zeranol-implanted cattle causes estrogen induced proliferation in both normal and cancerous breast cells. Scientists recently exposed breast cancer cells to zeranol-treated beef and the results showed significant increases in cancer growth.   Exposure—in some cases at levels 30 times lower than FDA sanctioned safe limits—still resulted in cancer growth.

What Can You Do?

Urge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take a precautionary approach to the use of hormones in meat and follow the European Union’s lead by banning the use of synthetic hormones in meat farmed and slaughtered in the United States.  The FDA should also require producers to label meat containing hormones with an explicit warning so that consumers can make safe and informed purchases at the meat counter. 


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