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Personal Pledge for Prevention

Personal Pledge for PreventionEveryday choices about the products you use can reduce exposure to chemicals linked to breast cancer and other health concerns. These choices can also show businesses and government that you want safer products.

Choosing reusable products helps reduce pollutants released in making the products and cuts back on how much waste ends up in landfills. It’s important to choose products made from safe materials and ingredients to limit your exposure to carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Even if you’ve already made commitments to the ideas listed, you can sign the pledge in support of a healthier planet for everyone.

Take the Prevention Pledge


In order to protect my health and the planet's health I pledge to:

1) Carry a reusable water bottle made from BPA-free materials (stainless steel and glass are the safest options).

2) Avoid microwaving in plastic. Instead, transfer foods to glass or ceramic containers.

3) Avoid anti-bacterial soaps with triclosan, in favor of frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizers free of synthetic fragrances when I'm on the go.

4) Work toward limiting my use of household pesticides in favor of alternative pest-control methods, when possible.

5) Replace shower curtains made of PVC plastic (which can contain hormone-disrupting phthalates) with fabric shower curtains when it's time for a new one. Look for washable curtains and liners that will last for many years.

Taking these personal actions will help reduce my personal exposures to chemicals linked to breast cancer. It will also mean less of these chemicals in the larger environment, which is good for everyone.

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