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Fund Biomonitoring

Fund BiomonitoringWe can learn important details about our exposure to environmental chemicals through a process called biomonitoring.  Through collection and testing of human blood, urine, breast milk and even umbilical cord blood, scientists and public health officials can get an accurate picture of which chemicals are polluting people—and potentially impacting our health.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains national biomoniting statistics for more than 300 chemicals found in Americans' bodies.  While this national data is extremely important, states often have unique exposure risks and need funding to track local data.

What Can You Do?

In 2009, the CDC provided grants to state biomonitoring programs in California, Washington and New York.  That's a great start, but 30 other states and municipalities applied and were turned down for lack of funding.  The interest and need is strong and it's time for the federal government to invest in this information that can lead to true disease prevention.

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