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Keep Phthalates Out of Children's Toys

Keep DiNP outScience has shown that phthalates, chemicals used to soften plastics, are endocrine disruptors linked to numerous health problems, including reproductive toxicity in boys and early puberty in girls, a risk factor for later-life breast cancer.

In 2009 Congress implemented a law (championed by the Breast Cancer Fund) that bans the use of six phthalates in toys. Three of those phthalates, however, were only provisionally banned pending a review of the scientific evidence of harm by a panel of independent scientists.

What Now?

The Breast Cancer Fund is working hard to make sure the law is fully and effectively implemented, as Congress intended.

Right now that means advocating for time and resources that will enable the scientific panel to thoroughly and fairly review ALL of the available science on the three provisional phthalates. We're confident that a proper examination of the safety of alternatives, low dose and early life exposures, the cumulative exposure to multiple phthalates from different sources, and the impact on vulnerable populations will lead to a permanent ban on all six phthalates.

Use the form below to ask the Consumer Products Safety Commission to fully resource the scientific panel working on this issue, and to tell the commission that a permanent ban is important to you and your family.


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