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School Is in Session, but Pesticides Should Be Left Out

Families can make a personal commitment to reduce the use of pesticides in the home and in the yard. However, children might also be exposed to pesticides at school. Children are especially vulnerable to the adverse health effects associated with pesticides, so it's important that the places where they spend a lot of time are free from chemical exposures.

What Now?

Pesticide regulations vary from state to state, which results in uneven safety standards for pesticide exposures in schools across the country.

As your representative to support legislation that would creat consistent, health-protective standards in schools by requiring schools to develop integrated pest management (IPM) programs, which reduce pests without the use of pesticides. IPM programs make use of simple techniques, such as mulching to prevent weeds, caulking cracks and screening openings to eliminate the entry of rodents and insects, sanitation, and natural organic pest control for playing fields. These strategies are effective, inexpensive, and preventive.


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