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Campbell's: Tell Us More About Your Plan to Phase Out BPA

Cans Not Cancer

With your support over the past nine months, our Cans Not Cancer campaign has generated thousands of letters, calls, Facebook posts and Tweets demanding that Campbell Soup Company get toxic BPA out of its canned food. As a result, in our most recent meeting with Campbell's executives, the company told us that it has agreed to transition away from BPA!

You might recall, though, that our demands also include a clear timeline for the transition away from BPA and proof that any alternative can-lining material is safe.

Campbell’s CEO needs to hear from you—your voice will help ensure that the company’s words turn into real action to make its products safer. Tell Campbell today that you’re glad to hear that the company is planning to phase out using BPA, and that it can truly be an industry leader by quickly providing a timeline for implementation and by disclosing the alternatives it plans to use.

Because a personalized letter is always best, here are some points you can include:

  • As a consumer I am very concerned about BPA.
  • BPA is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. As someone touched by this disease, avoiding BPA is very important to me.
  • I am concerned that there is BPA in the canned food products that your company makes and I purchase as a consumer.
  • My health is important to me, so I don't want to purchase food packaged with BPA or unsafe alternatives.


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