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Dare Revlon to Take Toxics Out

Does Revlon Care?“Dare to be Revlon.” That’s Revlon’s motto.

But with all the chemicals linked to cancer and other serious health concerns in Revlon products, no woman should take that dare. To make things worse, Revlon—one of the biggest cosmetics manufacturers in the world—is running ads promoting its support of breast cancer awareness. Do you smell the scent of irony? Do you see the glimmering shades of hypocrisy?

Tell Revlon: Take cancer-causing chemicals out of our products now!

Here’s what we found when we did a survey of Revlon’s products on store shelves:

  • Quaternium-15 and other formaldehyde-releasing chemicals  Found in mascaras, pressed powders and eyeliner; linked to cancer
  • Parabens  Found in eyeliners and hair dyes; an endocrine disruptor linked to cancer
  • Octinoxate  Found in foundation makeup; an endocrine disruptor linked to thyroid disorders
  • Resorcinol  Found in hair dye; an endocrine disruptor and allergen
  • p-Phenylenediamine  Found in hair dye; a respiratory toxicant
  • Carbon black  Found in eyeliners; linked to cancer
  • BHT Found in hair dyes and lip gloss; linked to cancer

Tell Revlon that if it really cares about cancer—and if it dares to take credit for helping women with cancer—it’s time to come clean and remove toxic chemicals from its products.


  • Mr. Ronald Perelman


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