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Tell Congress to stop playing politics with your health

TSCA Reform

By taking on reforming the 38-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), we’re not just engaged in arcane policy debates. We are working to save lives. Under TSCA, chemical companies are not required to prove chemicals are safe before being used in commerce, and the government has almost no authority to ban chemicals—even well-known carcinogens like asbestos. Meanwhile, rates of diseases related to toxic exposures have skyrocketed.

Despite all the problems linked to toxic chemical exposure, Congress is considering legislation that would make the nation’s chemical laws even weaker.

U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., released a draft bill called the Chemicals in Commerce Act last week. It’s a fitting name because the bill supports the chemical industry, but does nothing to protect vulnerable populations and the general public from chemicals linked to numerous diseases, including breast cancer. The bill rolls back what little health protections from toxic chemicals now exist at the federal level and would gut the state laws that currently provide the only true protection for consumers and families. The Senate is considering the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, which also fails to protect people from toxic chemicals linked to disease and jeopardizes the ability of future generations to enjoy healthy lives.

Tell your senators and representatives that overhauling TSCA is a life-or-death matter. Urge Congress to support reform that is truly health protective on behalf of the millions of people who have faced breast cancer and other diseases linked to chemical exposure, and the millions more that will have to do the same if we don’t turn the tide on chemicals policy.

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