Procter & Gamble: We Want Cosmetics without Cancer!


The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found cancer-causing chemicals in a number of cosmetics made by Procter & Gamble (P&G), including their Cover Girl blushes, mascara and eye shadows, Olay anti-aging creams, Max Factor mascara, and more. Even P&G’s Pantene Beautiful Lengths Finishing Crème which is marketed with a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness contains a chemical linked to cancer! Carcinogens have no place in anyone’s beauty routine. Even low levels of cancer chemicals add up to real harm when they are found in products used every day, from shampoos and other hair products, creams, blushes, and nail polish. Tell P&G to remove cancer-causing chemicals from cosmetics! P&G can and already does make personal care products without toxic chemicals linked to cancer. P&G can become a leader and a true champion for women’s health by making cosmetics without cancer the new industry standard.

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