Take action to protect the men you love from toxic chemicals!

MensHairDye-350x350.jpgGray is the new black! Let’s show the men in our lives we would rather see them “go gray” than be exposed to toxic chemicals in hair dyes like Grecian Formula or Just for Men. Grecian Formula products contain lead acetate. Lead and lead compounds are considered the “gold standard” for bad-actor chemicals, linked to cancer, brain and kidney damage and infertility. To add insult to injury, several Just for Men dyes contain these chemicals of concern: Resorcinol an hormone disruptor and allergen p-Phenylenediamine a respiratory toxicant and allergen Ethanolamine cosmetic chemicals that can form cancer-causing nitrosamines Petrolatum which can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), linked to cancer & hormone disruption TAKE ACTION! Tell the maker of Grecian Formula and Just for Men hair dyes to take men’s health seriously and stop exposing the men we love to toxic chemicals.

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