L'Oreal: Cosmetics With Cancer Chemicals are Not So Glamorous!

Loreal eye makeupThere’s nothing glamorous about finding cancer-causing chemicals in our favorite mascara, eye liner or powder. Tell L’Oreal: we demand cosmetics without cancer!

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ investigation of L’Oreal products revealed a shocking use of carcinogens in its eye makeup. But that’s not the half of it! We also found cancer-causing chemicals in anti-aging creams, nail polish and hair products made by L’Oreal’s most iconic brands Maybelline and Garnier.

Kids’ products aren’t free of cancer-causing chemicals either. The Campaign found DMDM hydantoin in L’Oreal Kids 2-in-1 shampoos, a chemical that releases the carcinogen formaldehyde to preserve the product.

Targets: Jean Paul Agon & Frédéric Rozé 

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