Act now to get cancer chemicals out of Unilever beauty products

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While you might not recognize the cosmetic giant Unilever by name, adults and kids alike are loyal consumers of many of its popular brands like Suave, Axe, Caress, Dove, Degree, and Clear. That’s what made the cancer-causing chemicals we found in these Unilever products even more disturbing! Campaign for Safe Cosmetics research uncovered:

- Formaldehyde-releasing preservative DMDM hydantoin in Suave shampoos and conditioners and Axe hair products;

- Sodium laureth sulfate, a chemical which is linked to 1,4-dioxane contamination, in Caress body washes and Dove shampoos and conditioners, and Clear shampoos and conditioners; and

- Fragrance, a catch-all term for a chemical concoction which can contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and environmental toxicants alike, in every Unilever brand we researched!

As the third largest personal care products company in the world, generating $16 billion in beauty sales annually, Unilever can and should do better. Tell Unilever that cancer-causing chemicals have no place in your family’s beauty and personal care regime.


Targets: Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever


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