Demand Unilever disclose their fragrance ingredients

AXE action 1.jpgEighteen year old Brandon Silk and countless others like him suffer serious, sometimes deadly, reactions to the secret ingredients in fragranced cosmetics and personal care products. In Brandon’s case his mom, Rosa, reports for the last eight years she has been struggling to keep her son, an otherwise happy and healthy young man, in school and out of hospital emergency rooms to protect him from a severe, life-threatening allergy to one or more of the fragrance ingredients used in Axe Body Spray. Despite Rosa’s pleas, Unilever the manufacturer of Axe Body Products refuses to disclose this vital information.

Although it's just one little word on an ingredient label, fragrance can contain dozens, even hundreds, of chemicals—including known carcinogens, hormone-disruptors, environmental toxicants and other chemicals of concern. In fact, fragrance allergies affect two to 11 percent of the general population. This translates into tens of millions of people who are globally affected by fragrance and studies suggest that this chemical sensitivity is on the rise. Without required fragrance ingredient disclosure, it is impossible for consumers to avoid problematic ingredients or for researchers and regulators to understand the full universe of ingredients used to formulate cosmetic products.

Take action and demand Unilever fully disclose the fragrance ingredients in Axe Body Spray and other Unilever products.


  • External Affairs Director, Tom Langan
  • CEO, Paul Polman


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