Pretty Scary: Take Action for Kids' Cosmetic Safety

Pretty Scary Report CoverA shocking new report released by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners' Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed the widespread presence of toxic chemicals in children's shampoos, lip balms, makeup, nail products and face paints.

-Labels revealed hormone disrupting parabens and preservatives that release the carcinogen formaldehyde.

-Laboratory testing unmasked lead, a neurotoxicant, and cadmium, a hormone disruptor, in face paints.

-Laboratory testing also revealed developmental toxicants like toluene and possible carcinogens, such as ethylbenzene and vinyl acetate in fragranced products.

The presence of toxic chemicals in products marketed to children is of serious concern because kids are especially vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemical exposures during critical windows of development.

Toxic chemicals don't belong in kids' makeup and face paint, especially when more and more science is linking childhood exposures to cancer-causing chemicals and endocrine disrupting compounds to later in life breast cancer or other diseases.

Take action to urge Congress to act now to make children's health and safety a priority!


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Dear [Decision Maker]

As a person that cares deeply about healthy child development, I am writing to urge you to support federal cosmetic safety reform that protects kids from toxic chemicals in the cosmetic and personal care products they use every day.

Consumers everywhere are counting on your leadership to ensure the Senate gives the issue of cosmetics safety the attention it deserves. I urge you to support health-protective federal cosmetic safety policy reform that protects kids and other vulnerable populations.

Please urge your colleagues on the HELP Committee to make review and strengthening of the Personal Care Products Safety Act a top priority.

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