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Demand Unilever Disclose Fragrance Ingredients

Dozens of secret, often toxic, chemicals are lurking behind the word “fragrance” on your ingredient labels, even when brands market their products as "natural." This one little word, fragrance, can be made up of dozens of chemicals—including known carcinogens, hormone-disruptors, and other toxic offenders. Fragrance allergies are also on the rise, affecting tens of millions of people globally.

Nearly half of the products we use on our bodies daily from shampoo to deodorant to perfume contain the ingredient fragrance. Research conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a project of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, found that the majority of personal care products from the world's third largest consumer goods conglomerate, Unilever, contain fragrance.

Due to a gaping hole in federal law, companies like Unilever are not required to disclose the secret, and often toxic, ingredients that give a product its scent.

Sign on to stand up for public health and consumer right-to-know by demanding that Unilever fully reveal hidden fragrance ingredients on its product labels.

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Reveal Toxic Fragrance Ingredients Now

To  Mr. Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

The Unilever family is made up of some of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world. Caress, Axe, Degree, Suave, and Dove have earned the trust of millions of American families. However there is nothing family-friendly about potentially harmful chemicals hiding behind the word "fragrance" in personal care products people use every day.

Without full fragrance ingredient disclosure, it is impossible for consumers to make informed purchases and avoid problematic ingredients.

We all deserve to be confident that the personal care products that we're using on ourselves and our families every day are safe. As a leading multinational manufacturer of over a dozen popular brands, Unilever can and should support our right to know.

We urge you to be an industry leader by fully disclosing fragrance ingredients on your product label. To take this step would demonstrate your commitment to the safety and good health of your consumers worldwide.

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