Welcome to Climb the Wall 2024!

Climb to New Heights for Lung Health! 

We're thrilled to welcome you to Climb the Wall 2024, an exhilarating event organized by the BC Lung Foundation. Get ready to embark on a journey that not only challenges you physically but also makes a meaningful impact on lung health across our community.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, March 24. 2024
Location:Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver
Price: Registration is free, however, we kindly ask each climber to raise a minimum of $225
Event Schedule:
(Please note that these times are approximate and will be updated prior to March 24th)

8:00am: Check-In open
8:30 am: Brunch Open
9:00 am:Firefighters Welcome Parade
9:15 am: First Wave of Climbers to Start Line
9:30 am: Entertainment begins
9:40 am: Second Wave of Climbers to Start Line
10:15 am: Third Wave of Climbers to Start Line
10:45 am: Fourth Wave of Climbers to Start Line
12:00 pm: Awards for Fastest Climb Times and Top Fundraisers
1:00 pm: Last Call for Brunch and Photos

We look forward to seeing you there for a day filled with excitement, entertainment, and recognition of outstanding achievements!

Why Climb the Wall?

Climbing the wall isn't just about conquering physical heights; it's about raising awareness and funds for crucial lung health initiatives. 
Join us in the fight for clean air, healthy lungs, and a brighter future for all.
The funds raised from Climb the Wall 2024 will be dedicated to sending kids from across British Columbia to Asthma camps. BC Lung’s Asthma Education Camps provide children with valuable knowledge and tools to manage their asthma effectively. The funds will contribute to this amazing program that empowers young individuals to lead healthier, happier lives by helping them understand their condition, recognize triggers, know what to do during an asthma attack, and adopt preventive measures. BC Lung is committed to supporting and educating those diagnosed with asthma by ensuring that every child, no matter where they live, can access resources to enhance their asthma management skills. Thank you for being a part of this impactful journey!

How to Participate

  1. Register: Secure your spot for the climb by registering today. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of something extraordinary.
  2. Fundraise: Elevate your impact by setting up your fundraising page. Your efforts make a difference in the lives of those affected by lung conditions.
  3. Train: Prepare yourself for the climb by following our training tips. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a first-timer, we've got resources to help you reach the summit.

What's New in 2024?

Stay tuned for exciting updates and enhancements to this year's Climb the Wall event. We've got surprises, challenges, and rewards in store for our incredible participants.

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