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Welcome to Climb the Wall – an exhilarating event where the challenge of ascending 48 storeys meets the celebration of a Glow in the Dark Party Brunch! Join us for a unique experience that not only pushes your limits but also supports the BC Lung Foundation in its mission to enhance lung health and assist those living with lung disease in our community.


Why Climb the Wall?

Climb the Wall is not just a climb; it's a journey of resilience, community, and impact. Your ascent to the summit of the Sheraton Wall Centre is a symbolic step towards better lung health for all.

The Challenge:

Embark on a heart-pounding adventure as you conquer 48 storeys at the iconic Sheraton Wall Centre. Feel the adrenaline as you climb to new heights, pushing yourself to achieve something extraordinary.

The Celebration: 

As you descend, the celebration begins! Imagine a Glow in the Dark Party Brunch, where neon lights illuminate your achievement. It's not just a brunch; it's a vibrant celebration of your triumph, shared with fellow climbers.

Be a Part of Something Extraordinary: 

Climb the Wall is a community united by a cause. Join us as a participant and contribute to the shared goal of elevating lung health. Register now to be part of this extraordinary event that goes beyond the ordinary.

What to Expect:

• A challenging yet rewarding climb.
• A unique Glow in the Dark Party Brunch to celebrate your success.
• An unforgettable experience of community, achievement, and support.

Ready to Rise? Register Now! Secure your spot for this exceptional event. Register as a participant, start your fundraising journey, and prepare for an evening of climbing, celebrating, and making a positive impact on lung health.

Registration Includes:

• Entry to the Climb Challenge.
• Access to the Glow in the Dark Party Brunch.
• A sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to support lung health.

Date: Sunday, March 24. 2024
Location:Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver
Price: Registration is free, however, we kindly ask each climber to raise a minimum of $225(required)

Event Schedule:

(Please note that these times are approximate and will be updated prior to March 24th)

8:00am: Check-In open

9:00 am: Climb the Wall Kickoff:
Welcome from Chris Lam and Tom DeSourcy of the BC Lung Foundation.
Thrilling Firefighter Opening Parade
Brunch Opens

9:30 am: Conquer the Heights
Firefighter Waves 1 & 2 Start
Performance by CircusWest - LED Fans and Staff

9:50 am: Rise to the Challenge
Non-Firefighter Waves 1 & 2 Start
Performance by CircusWest - Illusion Juggling

10:10 am: Reach New Peaks
Firefighter Waves 3 & 4 Start
Performance by CircusWest - Hoops + POI

10:30 am: Welcome Back, Repeat Climbers
Embrace the energy with CircusWest Glow Extravaganza -
Performance by CircusWest - Clubs

11:15 am: Celebrate Achievement: Awards Recognition
Applaud fastest climbers, top fundraisers, and winners of the SPACE AND TIME CHALLENGE
Closing Thank you from the BC Lung Foundation
CircusWest Glow Extravaganza The Finale
 We look forward to seeing you there for a day filled with excitement, entertainment, and recognition of outstanding achievements!