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Dear Friend,

When was the last time having fun did so much good? Whether you're a champion bowling powerhouse or just a fun-filled puff ball at the bowling alley, Breastcancer.org wants to make it easy for you to have fun while supporting a great cause.

Breastcancer.org bowling events are popping up all around the world — from Australia to Dubai to cities across the U.S.! You can be part of this international event by hosting your own bowling event! With a wide range of themes to choose from or create, you can easily throw a bowling event that best suits you:

  • Bowling for Breastcancer.org
  • Black Tie Bowling
  • Mother-Daughter Bowling
  • Corporate Challenge
  • Baby Bumper Bowling
  • Ladies' Night Out
  • Sorority/Fraternity Nights
  • Midnight Bowling
  • Be the first to create a new theme!
2012 Bowling

Your event can be as big or small as you want. The important thing is that across the country, and even world, we will all be bowling for the same reason — to help support the breast cancer organization that millions of breast cancer patients and their loved ones depend upon during the most difficult time of their lives.

Breastcancer.org depends on the support of people like you…

"I was way too busy to do this, but I knew I had to get involved. I had lost too many friends and family to breast cancer and knew what Breastcancer.org could do to provide information to anyone going through this nasty disease. But the best, absolutely the best, was watching my dear friend's children and all of their friends running a bowling event to raise money for Breastcancer.org in her memory."

Laurie Watkin, a bowling event coordinator

The Breastcancer.org Team

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Event Planning

Check out our bowling event guide (pdf) for guidance in planning your event, so it will be as easy as possible for you!

Start Your Fundraising

Start fundraising today with your own fundraising page once you register. Use the fundraising page to send emails, track your progress, and send thank you notes.

Registration Form

Prefer to do your event planning and fundraising without a webpage? Send us a registration form (pdf) to get started.