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What is the BC SPCA Kids Club?

Since 2004, the Kids Club has been inspiring thousands of kids ages 13 and under to make the world a better place for animals. That's why our motto is "kids speaking for animals"!

You’ll want to be a member if any of this sounds like you:

  • Animals have a special place in your heart.
  • You’re against animal cruelty.
  • You love learning about pets, plus farm animals and wildlife.
  • You have pets at home or would like to adopt one day.
  • You believe the SPCA is an important safe haven for animals in need.
  • You’re ready to add your voice to the thousands of other kids in B.C. wanting to make the world a better place for animals, nature and other people.

Annual membership is only $15, or $25 for two years! Membership includes:

  • Official membership card and Kids Club kit with special inserts such as posters, stickers and more
  • Unique Kids Club mini collector button
  • Bark!, the BC SPCA youth magazine, four issues a year
  • e-Kids MEWS!letter, a monthly email newsletter all about animals—just for kids
  • Member-only discounts on summer camps and youth workshops (at participating shelters)
  • Personal invitations to special SPCA events
  • Exclusive Kids Club contests you can enter to win fantastic prizes!

What do Kids Club members do?

Kids Club members take action for animals in different ways, depending on their interests and talents.

  • Melissa made a special habitat for her pair of guinea pigs from instructions in Bark! magazine.
  • Julia baked, decorated and sold hundreds of cupcakes to raise money for homeless animals.
  • Matty did a presentation at school on why animal abuse is wrong.
  • To improve the lives of egg-laying hens, Jessica and her family switched to cage-free, SPCA Certified eggs.
  • One group of students organized a towel and blanket drive for their local shelter, while another collected $872 in coins!
  • Sam and Noah’s family adopted a pair of black cats from the BC SPCA.

Every issue of Bark!, the BC SPCA youth magazine, highlights kids taking action and making a difference. As a Kids Club member, you’ll get lots of tips on ways to help animals—and you may even find yourself featured in the pages of Bark!.

Do BC SPCA Kids Club members meet at the shelter?

No, the Kids Club isn’t about going to meetings. Instead, members are active in their homes and communities through independent projects, school clubs and by attending BC SPCA events like summer camps and youth workshops.

To be a voice for animals, join the BC SPCA Kids Club and wear your pin with pride!

Kids Club Membership - 2yr
Two year membership in the BC SPCA Kids Club
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Kids Club Membership
One year membership in the BC SPCA Kids Club
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