Champion's Heart Recurring Gift Program

At-risk children and families in Mississippi are often left shattered, hopeless, and without an advocate. You may look at the complexity and messiness of these situations with compassion, but feel helpless in fixing it.  Not one of us is able to repair this level of brokenness on our own, but collectively we can work to protect and restore children and families and be the champion they so desperately need. 

Champion—One who fights for or argues for a cause, or on behalf of someone else.

Today, we are offering you an opportunity to take a step to rescue and defend children and families who need your support by joining Champion’s Heart recurring gift program.  When you join, you commit to a manageable monthly gift of $25, $50, $100, or an amount of your choosing.  This monthly gift not only provides your Baptist Children’s Village with finances needed to serve at-risk children and families, but it gives you the chance to have a greater impact over time than you could in one lump sum. Champion’s Heart is a quick, easy, and safe way to make sure at-risk children and families in Mississippi know they are loved, and that there are caring people fighting for their cause. 

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$25 a month or less than $1 a day purchases shoes and clothes for children who are new to our ministry or those who have outgrown what they already have, as children do. With children and youth ages 1-20, $300 annually will make a big difference.

$50 a month or less than $2 a day covers essentials like groceries and transportation. With more than 200 hundred children annually in our care throughout the state, there are always meals to prepare and there is always somewhere to go.

When you give $100 monthly, you are giving an annual gift of $1,200, which will provide total care for one child for one month. Total care not only means their basic needs are met, but it also includes things like tutoring, mentoring, counseling, discipleship, extra-curricular activities, and much more. Your gift will make a difference in the life of a child!

Champions fight for something bigger than themselves. They take up the cause of those in need of help, hope, and love.  You can be a hero and make a difference in the life of a child by joining Champion's Heart with any gift amount.

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