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Crack Down on Fur Farms in Michigan!

Fur_farms_011912.jpgFew people would force an animal to live its entire life in a cramped, barren cage suspended over its own waste. But this is precisely the grim lives hundreds of thousands animals on fur farms are forced to endure while awaiting their grim fate on U.S. fur farms.

While many European countries have banned, phased out or severely restricted fur farming, the United States has largely turned a blind eye to this barbaric industry. There are no U.S. laws regulating how animals on fur farms are to be housed or killed.

At the state level animals raised on fur farms also seem to fall through the regulatory cracks. Indeed, the states with the greatest number of fur farms also have the least regulations and oversight.

Born Free USA recently released "Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America." This 44-page report, which reviews statistics and legislative oversight of animals raised for their fur, named Michigan as one of the worst fur farming states.

Michigan earned a place on the worst list for having at least nine fur farms that are devoid of any agency oversight or specific regulations.

Please send a letter (which we encourage you to personalize) to your governor and legislators asking that they crack down on fur farms in Michigan!

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Michigan