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In Wisconsin, Trapping and Recreation Shouldn't Mix!

Wisconsin_120612The recently passed Heritage Sporting Bill mandates that hunting and trapping be allowed in all Wisconsin state parks. So starting next month, people who want to hike, ski or just enjoy the great outdoors will share all their parks (not just some, as has been the case) with trappers and hunters.

Act 168 prohibits trapping and hunting within 100 yards of campsites and picnic areas, but what about trails? Make your voice heard now by insisting that trails should be kept safe!

Next Tuesday (Dec. 11), the Natural Resources Board is to present its final recommendations on how Act 168 will be implemented. If you are available and willing to speak out at that meeting, please register to attend! Do so by e-mailing Laurie J. Ross, the board's liaison, before 4 p.m. this Friday (Dec. 7). The meeting will be held in Room G09 of the State Natural Resources Building (map).

Many Wisconsin residents and visitors view state parks as places where wild animals are protected from human harm. Hikers, bird watchers, campers and photographers should be entitled to enjoy state parks free from the dangers of stray shots or from witnessing the maiming of wildlife caught in traps.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Wisconsin