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Speak Out Today for Illinois House Bill 2991

[object Object]Born Free USA is taking aim at the lion meat industry and we need your help.

As you may have heard, lion meat that has been showing up on menus across the country in recent years has frequently been traced to Illinois. In response to that and with the assistance of Born Free USA, state Rep. Luis Arroyo has introduced House Bill 2991, which would ban the sale of lion meat and the slaughter of the animals in Illinois.

This bill has cleared the Agriculture and Conservation Committee and next goes to the General Assembly floor. Please call or e-mail your Assembly members today and ask them to support HB 2991, also known as the Lion Meat Act. (Find members and their phone numbers here.)

Born Free USA recently released the results of a year-long investigation that revealed shocking information about the raising, slaughter, sale and consumption of lion meat, raising serious animal welfare, conservation and human health concerns.

If you call, ask to speak to the representative's legislative director. Express support for HB 2991 in a succinct and polite way. Tell your friends to do so, too — the more voices are heard, the better chances we have to pass HB 2991 and to help lions.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Illinois