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Help Protect Everyone in Nevada from Cruel Traps

Nevada_110111.jpgState Sen. David Parks (D-Las Vegas) has introduced Senate Bill 213 to reduce the suffering of trapped wildlife and decrease the chances of family dogs and cats being inadvertently injured or killed by traps and poisons.

Please take a moment to ask Senate Natural Resources Committee members to advance this legislation without delay.

Among other things, SB 213 would require that traps, snares and poisoning devices be affixed with owner identifications (already a requirement in 40 other states); all traps or poisoning devices be checked every 24 hours (currently, 96 hours is allowed); and all traps or poisoning devices be marked with warning flags.

Thank you for your help in making Nevada safer for people and their animal companions, and more compassionate for its wildlife.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Nevada