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Let’s Get Bieber's Monkey to a Sanctuary

041913_bieber.jpgIt seems Justin Bieber is ready to give up custody of Mally, the baby capuchin who was confiscated from him at a German airport in late March. He had his staff tell the animal shelter in charge of taking care of Mally that it should find a home for her.

However, German authorities are looking to place Mally in a zoo. Life in a zoo, although an improvement from living as a “pet,” is a far cry from being placed in a sanctuary, where the primary emphasis is on the well-being of the animals’ welfare and not on making money off of them. A reputable sanctuary in the Netherlands, Stichting AAP, has offered to integrate Mally with a young pair of capuchins who are presently quarantined there — a perfect opportunity for all three monkeys!

Please send a polite note to Dr. Beate Jessel, president of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation in Germany, the top organization that can direct Mally to her permanent home, and ask that Mally be sent to Stichting AAP as soon as Bieber signs the necessary paperwork.