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Take a Stand Against Shark Finning by Supporting a New MA Bill

061713_appeal_ProSharks.jpg We are closer than ever to banning the sale of shark fins in Massachusetts, and you have an opportunity to help pass this important piece of legislation! "An Act relative to ocean ecology and shark protection", introduced by Representative Jason Lewis (D-31), would outlaw the commercialization of shark fins. It is currently awaiting a hearing in the House Committee on Rules. We need you to speak out now in support of this crucial bill.

Shark finning is a particularly cruel practice in which people cut the fins off a live shark and discard the body into the water, where the shark inevitably dies. The animals who are cast back suffer slow, painful deaths by drowning or blood loss.

Shark finning threatens an estimated 73 million sharks every year worldwide. Many of these animals are endangered species. However, as more states in the U.S. pass bans on shark finning, the threat to shark populations dwindles. All compassionate Massachusetts citizens should contact their state representatives, as well as committee chair John Binienda and vice chair Kate Hogan, and urge them to express their support of this bill before the hearing.

Thank you for taking a stand against this horrific practice and working toward a ban on shark fin sales in Massachusetts.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Massachusetts