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Speak up in Support of the CA Mountain Lions Act (SB 132) and the Sale of Animals at Swap Meets Act (AB 339)

The first bill is the Sale of Animals at Swap Meets Act (AB 339), which has been spearheaded by Born Free USA and just passed the Senate by an overwhelming majority. It would prohibit the sale of animals at swap meets unless minimum standards of animal welfare are met, which helps prevent the suffering of animals and reduce public health and safety risks.

The second is the Mountain Lions Act (SB 132), which just passed the Assembly. It would require officials to use nonlethal procedures when removing a mountain lion that poses an imminent threat to public health or safety. These nonlethal measures take the place of trapping, which causes immense agony to animals as it mutilates or kills them.

After a concurrence vote, both of these bills are headed for the governor's desk. Governor Brown needs to hear why you support this crucial legislation so that he signs it into law without delay! Make your voice hear now.

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: California