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Help Captive Animals In Ontario

In Ontario, anyone can keep any kind of exotic animal allowed by the municipality.  There is no licensing requirement and most regions have no restrictions.  Marine mammals are regularly allowed into a facility that already has nearly forty beluga whales, and would like more. Poisonous snakes, tigers, cougars, and other potentially dangerous animals may be privately kept. Ontario, where I live, contains about a third of Canada’s human population, yet does not even have a zoo licensing program.

Little is done to remedy this lack of control, even after someone is killed by an exotic "pet" or there is yet another exposé of exotic animals kept in abysmal conditions in some terrible little roadside zoo. 

But, today, there is hope. The Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Honourable Madeleine Meilleur, is working on legislation that could make a huge difference in the lives of exotic animals in the province of Ontario. 

We are not asking for much: just what so many other Canadian, American, and other jurisdictions have, which is a law on the books that provides at least some level of protection for marine mammals and other exotic wildlife kept privately. The legislation would, for the first time, require some standards of animal care and at least give authorities the ability to shut down the worst facilities that most abuse animals.

Please help us succeed! Write to the Honourable Premier Kathleen Wynn and the Honourable Madeleine Meilleur to thank the Premier and the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services for their willingness to enact humane legislation on behalf of captive native and exotic wildlife in Ontario, and to encourage the trend of animal welfare.