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Take Action California: Two Hunting Bills Are on Their Way to the CA Governor!

The good news from California just keeps coming! Two important bills have just passed the Senate, and are soon headed to Governor Brown's desk. We've kept him busy with our compassionate bills recently, and our efforts have been successful so far. Now, we need to keep up the momentum!

The first bill on its way to the Governor is AB 711 (Rendon, D-Lakewood), which would phase out the use of ammunition containing lead in hunting by July 2016. Lead is a well-known toxin for humans and animals and has been banned in almost all products, but it is still widely used in the hunting industry. Lead left behind in spent ammunition poses a serious threat to birds and other wildlife, including highly endangered species such as the California condor. Lead doesn't just kill, but delivers a slow, agonizing death — often involving emaciation, paralysis, and organ failure.

The second bill is AB 1213 (Bloom, D-Santa Monica), which would greatly restrict bobcat trapping in the state by prohibiting this indefensible activity between Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding highways, as well as places within and adjacent to protected wildlife areas. Animals caught in barbaric traps suffer immensely from their injuries and long periods of distress, and ultimately face a sad death. Furthermore, traps are indiscriminate, so many non-targeted animals die as "collateral damage," including endangered species and family pets.

Please let Governor Brown know that he has been a great friend to the animals so far this session, and that you hope his support for compassionate legislation will continue!

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: California