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Act Now: Help Stop Cruel Hunting Bill

Pennsylvania lawmakers are taking aim at coyotes, and we need to make sure that they don’t succeed. Representative Mike Peifer (R-139) has introduced a bill to create the Coyote Control Incentive Program (H.B. 1534), which authorizes the Pennsylvania Game Commission to reward hunters with $25 for each harvested coyote.

This bill allows the Commission to pay a whopping $700,000 for their bodies – the deaths of 28,000 coyotes. A recent estimate of coyote populations in Pennsylvania places their numbers around 20,000, so at its most extreme, this bill is irresponsibly advocating their total eradication.

Additionally, naturalists have repeatedly demonstrated that, short of wiping out the species, hunts to reduce population just don’t work. This hunt will be both cruel and ineffective, wasting taxpayer dollars and the lives of thousands of animals.

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This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Pennsylvania