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Act Now: Help Congress Crack Down on Trapping!

Body-gripping traps are outdated and inhumane devices used to hunt furbearers. But equally outdated is the fact that they can still be set in many national wildlife refuges. Thankfully, Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) has reintroduced the Refuge From Cruel Trapping Act (H.R. 3513). 

H.R. 3513 would ban all body-gripping traps — such as snare, Conibear, and steel-jaw leghold — from being used or possessed on national wildlife refuges (NWRs). The brutality of these traps is shocking; they can crush limbs and organs, and animals often remain trapped for days, in massive pain, before dying. Trapped animals can suffer severe physical injury, psychological trauma, thirst, hypothermia, and predation. Some animals chew off their own limbs to escape, only to die days later. The suffering caused by trapping is not limited to target animals; domestic pets, endangered species, and humans often become caught in traps, resulting in painful injury or death.

NWRs were established to provide a safe haven in which wild species could thrive and people could enjoy the serenity of nature. Animals and people should have the freedom to enjoy these refuges without the threat of stepping into a body-gripping trap. 

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