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Act Now: Oppose Savage "Hounding" of Gray Wolves in Wisconsin!

Gray wolves are being cruelly slaughtered in Wisconsin, and soon, dogs may be forced to participate in the brutal hunt. Help prevent this abusive practice by contacting your state legislators AND Dane County Judge Peter Anderson today!

Judge Anderson issued a temporary injunction against the use of dogs in wolf hunts on August 31, after humane societies and environmental groups sued. This injunction will be lifted on December 20 – only 3 short days! Please ask him to extend the injunction without delay.

“Hounding” involves attaching radio collars to dogs to allow hunters to monitor their movements as they track wildlife. The dogs chase the wild animal for hours until, exhausted and confused, the prey is cornered or gives up. The hunter, trailing behind, shoots the trapped animal. This cowardly action is dangerous for the dogs, who can suffer terrible injuries when fearful animals strike back. When injured and no longer able to hunt, the dogs are sometimes simply abandoned by their owners and left to starve.

Take Action Now!

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Wisconsin