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New Jersey: Ask Your Senator to Support the Bear Smart Bill!


The Bear Smart Bill didn’t manage to pass in 2013, so we’re excited to see it reintroduced in 2014! S. 687 helps compassionately manage conflicts with wildlife, which is crucial, because these problems are often addressed through inhumane measures, such as trapping. This bill requires areas in defined bear habitats to use bear-resistant bins and dumpsters. It also restricts baiting for bears or deer in bear habitats. Baiting is a cruel and unsporting practice in which old food is purposefully left in a particular location, while hunters wait nearby for an easy and unsuspecting target. The sensible solution this bill offers will result in fewer bears being attracted to populated areas, thus reducing the chance of conflict with humans.

We need to build momentum on this bill now to ensure that it passes in 2014, so please contact your state senator and ask them to support S. 687!


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This action alert is for residents of the following states only: New Jersey