Weather for Boaters Course Gift Certificate
Weather for Boaters Course Gift Certificate

Give the gift of learning how to recognize early signs of changing the weather and how to anticipate storms, squalls, fog, and wind shifts. One can check the forecast before leaving, but it might be hours old and doesn't necessarily reflect the conditions in the area. Familiarize the boater in your life with basic weather elements to understand how they will affect their boating experience and much more. Weather makes the difference between a great day and a lousy day on the water. This seminar will teach them to recognize and prepare for weather coming their way.

Head out with confidence! This course will teach how to:

  • Be prepared when the actual weather does not agree with the official forecast
  • Recognize early signs of approaching weather
  • Anticipate storms and lightning
  • Interpret approaching cloud formations
  • Use a weather map
  • Understand weather elements like air masses, fronts, and winds
  • Understand how to use a barometer and other forecasting tools

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